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Discover Malta & Gozo

In Malta you can enjoy many different types of holidays, all in the same destination.

A Sunny Holiday in Malta

A blissful archipelago in the Mediterranean, Malta has been enticing visitors for more than a century. It has something for everyone: pristine beaches, charming old cities, history and culture, plus nature and adventure. Malta basks just under 300 days of sunshine a year. It’s this benign climate that makes the Maltese islands a year-round destination. The coastline is diverse: rugged cliffs hide deserted coves, pebbly and rocky beaches cascade into shallow Mediterranean waters, and a handful of superb golden-sand beaches lie untouched. For many visitors, Malta is the classic beach holiday destination, the languid days in the sun complemented by a great range of restaurants, cafes, attractions and bars.

Unlike many island paradises, Malta has a lot more to offer than just a coastline. Some of its destinations offer an old-world Mediterranean flair, notably capital city Valletta, named a World Heritage Site and European Capital of Culture for 2018. Others showcase a modern cosmopolitan side to Mediterranean colour and architecture, the lavish new developments providing plenty of opportunity for a luxury holiday. While your focus may be the beach, the destinations you visit offer more than just sun and sand.

A Wealth of Experiences in a Small Archipelago

Most visitors are surprised by the size of Malta. You can comfortably drive around the entire island in a day. Boats to the beautiful sister islands of Gozo and Comino take less than an hour. A huge range of highlights and experiences can be enjoyed, regardless of where you stay. Malta has been coveted and invaded throughout its history, with the Knights of St. John leaving behind palaces, fortresses and golden walled cities. Travel further back in time and the earliest settlers bequeathed megalithic temples and tombs. There are few islands in the world that can rival Malta for history and unique cultural treasures.

Holiday in Malta and every day can suit a different mood: outdoor adventures in nature reserves, a full range of water sports, escaping into bucolic countryside, exploring tiny villages that run at an indelibly slow pace. Museums, coastal walks, cathedrals, ancient sites, island hopping, or simply lazing away the day beneath the sun...Malta is where you come for many different styles of holiday, in one irresistible archipelago.


Your holiday is safe with us