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Malta’s Top 9 Ancient Sites

Ancient heritage is spread liberally across the Maltese landscape, suggesting that the island was home to Europe’s first sophisticated civilisation that built temples and tombs long before the Egyptians created pyramids. Exploring at least one or two of the sites is an iconic experience, providing a different angle to a sunny Malta holiday.

Malta is blessed with some of the world’s most extraordinary ancient sites...

Malta’s Top 9 Ancient Sites

No 1

Mnajdra Temple

The most famous and most visited of the ancient temples, standing dramatically on a clifftop in Southern Malta. Its astronomical alignment proves how developed the civilisation was some 5000 years ago.

No 2

Hagar Qim Temple

Easy to combine with Mnajdra, Hagar Qim is a beautiful temple complex crafted from limestone.

No 3

Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni

A vast and spectacular underground burial complex, the Hypogeum is worth the relatively expensive €30 entrance fee. Take your time and appreciate the details of this haunting underworld.

No 4

Ggantija Temples, Gozo

Holding some 5600 years of history, these two neolithic temples are one of the highlights of a trip to Gozo. Along with Skorba, it is considered one of the oldest free-standing monuments on the planet.

No 5

Skorba Temple Complex

Not quite as visually impressive as Ggantija but still extremely mystical and moving. Like Ggantija, it’s only open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.

No 6

Tarxien Temples

Often visited with the Hypogeum, this large temple complex is still being excavated and is great for anyone who wants to really explore ancient history.

No 7

Ta’ Hagrat Temple Complex

These two temples may be small but are are amongst the earliest ever built on the islands. The setting is majestic, with lush countryside punctuated by the ruins.

No 8

Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum

The story at these caves is intriguing and the museum holds the bones of ancient elephants and hippos, along with the evidence of Malta’s earliest settlement.

No 9

Clapham Junction

These curious cart ruts in the limestone rock are common across Malta. This free to visit site gets its London-inspired nickname from the sheer abundance of grooves.


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